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We, The Digichick, are an ardent team of individuals that love mentoring. We work to our fullest potential to ensure all our trusted clients benefit from us to make their dream venture a reality. No job is too big or small for us. We focus on both small emerging craft business and established ones. At The Digichick, promoted by Linking News, the best press release distribution service, we aim to coach and provide information about brands, products, and supplies that will help entrepreneurs get their art business up and running.

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Coaching Programs

Our services include but are not limited to conducting coaching programs for women to start their online craft business. We have already conducted several such educative programs and helped over 5000 women and small entrepreneurs across the country start their business. We are also dedicated to making you successful with the support of our parent company, Linking News. We pride ourselves on being owned and run by the world's best press release distribution service.

Industry information and marketing

Get in touch with us with your product and website. While we can provide all relevant and genuine information on the trends in the craft industry, Linking News can advertise your brand worldwide. The platform comes with the strongest network in the entire industry. It has built distribution partnerships with over 10,000 news outlets, 1000 social media channels, and 300 news sites throughout the world. There are 30,000 journalists associated as well. This kind of network is truly hard to find elsewhere. Imagine getting your brand featured on FOX, Reuters, Bloomberg, Google News, CBS and other such notable sites! You will be hard to miss!!

Marketing is the heart and soul of any business and this is no different for the craft business. While established ones out there strive to get leads to achieve their sales numbers, those that have trusted us are way ahead of their rivals! This is possible with the top press release solutions provided by Linking News.

Guaranteed distribution and placement of your press content

Linking News guarantees distribution and placement of your press reports on all notable news sites and social channels. This makes you sure people who are looking to buy a product will align with yours rather than looking for information on other similar craft products. This is because of the reputation of the online media sites. When you appear on leading sites, people perceive you as being trustworthy.

Sales numbers all the way!

Why sit idle or lag behind when you can find everything under one roof to get your online art and craft business up and running? Choose us, The Digichick; we along with our parent company Linking News assure brand awareness, brand identity, and an enhanced organic traffic to your site. Experience and enjoy your dream sales numbers and carve an image for yourself in the art/ craft industry.