Why Choose Us

We are a dynamic team of skill professionals striving to create a self-dependent society. In particular, our niche is talented individuals with a keen interest in art and craft. We intend to help those with talent and expertise but lack information and a marketing platform to showcase their products. At The Digichick, one of the top rated brands of the well-known press release service Linking News, we aim to assist women, designers, professionals, and small scale upcoming art ventures to create awareness about their work.

How can we help you?

Increased visibility

Since Linking News has connections worldwide, you can advertise and promote your art or craft easily. You will be visible all over and thus so will your product. When you appear in front of your audience, they will choose you rather than searching for someone else. Remember, increased visibility always means increased leads and opportunity for conversion.

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This domain is not new to us. We got into this business because we love promoting art and craft. Furthermore, we can with confidence assure you of increased sales. Since we are associated with Linking News, your press release content will be distributed and published across the globe on all the top news sites. Linking News has connections with over 300 news sites and 10,000 media outlets, which will enhance traffic to your site through backlinks.

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Once you trust us, be sure of success. When people start noticing you and start searching for your art/craft services, it will boost your search engine rankings. Enjoy great sales while ranking top on Google.

Strongest network

Linking News is affiliated with several distribution partners. Share your information with us and reach out to millions across the world in no time. The platform has the strongest network in the industry.

White Label Press Release Services

While several press release solutions offer wide distribution, not many provide white label services. White Label means unbranded service. Linking News is reputed for providing unbranded press release services. Your art content will not feature on the Linking News website neither does your content carry the name Linking News. Stay ahead in the industry and enhance your credibility while keeping your marketing strategies undisclosed!

Feature on major news sites

We have associations with the best sewing machine manufacturers, suppliers, and craft professionals. We also have a trusted and verified base of art companies that sell their valuable products online. We act as the point of contact for all those connected with the art and craft industry. We are owned and run by Linking News, the best press release service on the market. This means that we can get your handmade products featured on trusted online news sites such as FOX, Reuters, NBC, CBS, USA Today, etc.
The Digichick is known for providing a stage for all the art and craft businesses with the right information as well as marketing service with Linking News. With us, you will never lag behind. We will make you confident and help you achieve your business goals faster.