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Digital Marketing For Craft Industry Through Press Releases

A craft may be anything handmade. It is an in-built talent that is invaluable and highly appreciated. There are several such talented people that are eager to make a business out of it but unsure of how to go about. Designing product is not a problem here; it is the marketing that is of concern.

The Digichick is the solution for art and craft industries! Yes, since we are owned by Linking News, the world's #1 Press release service, marketing your handmade products will not be tough. The best press release distribution service has trustworthy distribution partners throughout the world that can efficiently do the digital marketing for you.

How Linking News can help in your digital marketing?

Press releases are a great way of digitally marketing your product. They are trusted by people. It is an indirect promotion or advertising of your art/craft product. Linking News is connected with over 300 media sites, 10,000 news outlets, and 1000 social media channels where your content can feature. When your audience sees you on such branded news sites, you are certain to get recognized. Some of the channels include FOX, NBC, USA Today, Google News, Reuters, etc.
Since your marketing goes places, you will be visible and there in front of your audience. That is what you were striving for, isn't it? Linking News can get your craft work discovered, enhancing the demand for your work. When your visibility increases, you will become the first preference production the market. Linking News also provides white label press release solutions. This increases your credibility with your prospects, customers, and those in the industry.
Linking News can help your craft business by pushing traffic to your website. Backlinks through trusted sites can bring great traffic, giving huge leads. If you are smart enough, get these leads converted for sale and enhance your business.
Digital marketing through press releases can boost your SEO rankings. With the right keyword usage, you can optimize the content to bring traffic to your official site. Once searches for your business increase, you will rank higher up on Google and other search engines.

Press releases: the best form of digital marketing

Digital marketing is the talk of the day. Since people are hooked to their digital devices now more than ever, it is vital that you reach out to them through their favorite channel. Please understand that press releases are more effective than any other kind of digital marketing. However, when you choose a press release, you must be careful to go with someone reliable such as Linking News that guarantees distribution and placement of your content. Trust Linking News, the best press release distribution service, and do global marketing. Appear on the most trusted news sites and take your craft industry/work to a new level.

The Digichick and Linking News can absolutely transform your art/craft business.

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